Tuesday, July 13, 2021

From The Spamfiles

Yay! No more introspection! Just stupid spam!

They… didn’t even get my name right. I have to admit, “Dragomirescu” is a pretty badass name, though.

No. I will not link to your math page. I am morally opposed to math.

So is it six thousand or 3.7 million they’re sending me, the Estimate Customer?

True, printer ink is ridiculously expensive. But I’m more amused by that sixty seven digit number they threw in there. What the hell is the purpose of that?

The lesbians really want me to confirm my subscriptions. I guess if I do confirm them all, I’m five different lesbians.

…Okay, so many questions. How can an IRS loophole convert a retirement account to gold? Why would the IRS want to do that for anyone when they’re a tax agency? And really, why would anyone want to do that? You can’t go to a store and plunk down a bar of gold and expect them to accept that. Nor can you electronically transfer some gold to an online store to pay for your goods. So again, why would you ever want gold?


  1. As fast as this country is going down the toilet right now, I'd take a Swiss bank account over gold.
    Dragomirescu would be a great RPG character name!

  2. There used to be a place nearby that bought gold from people. It's gone out of business.

  3. That surname is what they used to call in the Old West a twenty five dollar handle.

    You've got all those women trying to jump you and get into your bank accounts.

  4. The "page suggestion" one at least looks pretty innocuous!

  5. Well, they almost got your name right.

    And I am also morally opposed to math.


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