Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Mid Year Check In

In a move I’m pretty sure I cribbed from MJ, I’m going to look at the goals I made for the year and see how I’m doing on them. Considering I don’t even remember them, probably not good.
Resolutions 2021
1. Finish the book I’m working on and get it edited.
Hey, this is underway! Look at me actually doing something.
2. Work on the other WIP idea I have and maybe even write it.
I may have actually already done this.
3. Actually query last year’s WIP. Yes, I am terrified.
Probably not going to do this. Unfortunately, I’m more than ever convinced it’s just not good enough to stand out.
4. Possibly work on the sequel WIP I said I’d do last year.
This one’s also likely not going to happen, for basically the same reason as above. Unfortunately, I’m just not able to figure out how to improve it. Sigh…
5. Not die from the illness that’s killing hundreds of thousands of people in my country because people are dumbasses who refuse to wear masks or accept that it’s a dangerous disease.
Well, I’m not dead yet. I even got my first vaccine shot, so I’m doing pretty well on this one. Really hoping none of those variants pop up around here.
6. Try to engage more with social media. I know, that seems crazy. Who would want to? I certainly have no idea how to do it.
Wait, I made this a goal? What the hell was I thinking! Social media is terrible!
7. Not let 2021 be anything like 2020. Shudder.
Not doing too badly so far.
I can’t believe I’m actually making progress. How suspicious. Somebody must be up to no good. What were you hoping to accomplish this year? How is 2021 working out for you?


  1. Good for you! You should still query, just to see what happens.

  2. #3. I think you're too close to your novel. Query. Perhaps you need critiquers to be fresh eyes to tell you the novel is good and worth putting out there. It doesn't need to "stand out". It'll be just what someone wants, but not unless it's out there for them to find.

  3. I'm due for my first vaccine shot this evening.

  4. I read the title of your post and thought, "hey, I forgot to do mine this year!"

    But I don't think I'd have any progress to report. You're doing so great—hooray for making progress!


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