Tuesday, June 15, 2021

From The Spamfiles

My lottery award inheritance! That’s totally a real thing that people say! And it’s from a doctor to boot!

So close to sounding like the real company! But that question mark is superfluous, and repeating “We noticed a new login” is suspicious. Of course, the biggest red flag is the fact that the sender is “?I-nstagram”. I mean, it would be kind of stupid to open this message with that there.

Well, at least they used a real person this time, even though she is not currently the chairman of the Federal Reserve. I also can’t imagine she’d ever in a million years go by “Mrs.” in any official capacity. And, you know, forget to capitalize her name.

The “son” of someone arrested (though acquitted) for crimes against humanity wants to talk to me! Nothing strange or suspicious about this.

Account Alert! Sex Dating!

I should forward this to Paul. I bet he’d be willing to help.

Compliment of the day, everyone!


  1. That sex dating account is really persistent.

  2. One wonders if Maria lost her inheritance by being wrongfully accused of murdering the person she was going to inherit from. Throw in an evil twin and we've got a soap opera plot.

  3. I love the log in spam on the email account that is not linked to my actual account of whatever they're alerting me about. At least choose the right email (although I have so many to choose from).

  4. That sex dating account really wants to get your attention. Perhaps they, too, have a lottery inheritance check for you.


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