Thursday, December 31, 2020

Misspellings That Drive Me Into A Rage

Last post of the year! I hope you’re not going anywhere tonight. I’d rather you not get sick and die.
All right, so the stupid thing I’ll be looking at this year is the errors I keep seeing that drive me nuts for no good reason. Obviously I don’t see any of you guys do them, but I do see them other places. Sometimes it’s teenagers making the mistake, but I’ve also seen people 40+ do these and I just. Don’t get it.
Que, when it’s supposed to be cue (and no, they aren’t trying to say queue). I’ve seen people go “right on que” and it’s like really? You think that’s a Q? Why??? Now, I don’t see this terribly often, but the fact that it’s popped up more than once is just like what the hell. When have you ever seen “que” and it not be someone asking “What?” in Spanish?
Ugh, this one grates against my nerves. Two S’s, one P. Really, I’m being a bit hypocritical here considering how often I spell words with the wrong number of letters, but come on. It’s dis-appoint not dis-sapoint. You know what an appointment is, right? Then you should know what a disappointment is! Because it’s spelling disappointment with two S’s.
I keep seeing this one and I don’t get it. Sure, pay is an irregular verb in that it’s spelled “paid”, and somehow payed really is a word—it’s a nautical term meaning to coat or cover with pitch. Frankly, I’m annoyed payed isn’t flagged as incorrect by spellcheckers. How many people are going to be using it for its actual definition? None! And I just keep seeing people saying they got payed on Friday. No you didn’t, damn it!
Now we’re veering into grammatically wrong instead of a misspelling, but I’m so sick of people writing loose when they mean lose. I want to go over to their houses and flick their ears every time they use it wrong. But we’re in a pandemic so I shouldn’t do that.
This one might be just something that bothers me, but I can’t stand it when people put the dollar sign after the number instead of before. I don’t get why it drives me crazy. Technically, it’s supposed to be said “twenty dollars” so 20$ actually makes more sense. But I hate seeing it. Just looking at that dollar sign at the end of the number makes me want to gouge my eyes out. The chief perpetrator of this sin? My mother. I may have to block her from texting me until she gets it right.
There. You’ve seen my ridiculous pet peeves. What misspellings/misuses drive you crazy?


  1. I wonder if "payed" is also done by the people who say "hurted". I get that one a lot at school. By those who spoke Spanish before learning English. We gently correct them.

    As for my pet peeves, so so many. I think I wrote a blog post about them at one point.

  2. Don't get me started! I have so many. One of my favorites is when people say 'it really struck a cord'. It makes no sense! The word is chord - a musical reference. Another is when people fly into a 'fit of peak' instead of pique. And don't even get me started on the whole lie, lay, laid thing...

  3. Being in a job that involves ensuring the accuracy of the language of news copies, it does get on my nerves when I see grammatical and other syntactic errors. I have seen loose and lose getting mixed up; so too it's and its. Actually, wrong spellings and prepositions can sometimes give a completely different meaning, leading to even miscommunication.

  4. I think puttinf the $ after may be how it's done in some other countries? I don't actually remember now. Of course, that wouldn't excuse your mother. Or would it? I don't actually know.

    Now that you ask the question, I can't think of the ones that bother me most. "Loose" is one of them, though, actually. You're going to loose the game, huh? Really? Like, what, dump it on the floor? Fling it off a bridge like that writing desk in Dead Poets Society?

    Oh! "Breath" for "breathe." I suppose I can understand why people can't get that one but still...


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