Tuesday, December 1, 2020

December Goals

Well, it’s the last month of 2020. And to think, it only took fifty years to get here. Anyone else terrified to see what 2021 is like? Anyway, goals.
November Goals
1. Keep working on notes from my beta readers.
Hey, I actually did this. Really surprising considering how difficult it was to concentrate on anything that wasn’t overwhelming dread.
2. Thanksgiving. Though with the pandemic, this should be nice and subdued.
I love not having to do anything for Thanksgiving. Let’s make that a yearly thing.
3. Just get through the month.
Well, that seems to have happened. Good for me for aiming low.
As successful as it could be, I suppose. I did spend the first two weeks doing nothing but stress-reading the news. Now what should I do this month?
December Goals
1. Update etymology page. I’m still trying to get rid of those damn double spaces between the words.
2. More beta reads. My book definitely needs more opinions.
3. Figure out what project I want to work on next.
So, that’s what I want for the end of the year. What are you doing this month? Remember to wear a mask and stay away from people. The dreaded plague can cause a lot of damage and exacerbate a lot of conditions. Stay safe.


  1. Good for you!
    A lot has been destroyed this year, far more than most realize.

  2. November did have some good news ;) And I got your book back to you. So, not a total wash.

  3. This year, just getting through the month is never aiming low. At least in my experience. :)

    I'm happy to beta read for you, if you're still looking for people.

  4. My goal every December is to just get through it. There are too many interruptions for me to have any of my own plans.


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