Tuesday, December 8, 2020

From The Spamfiles

It’s spam time!

I have a crazy cat that’s much closer than that. Her name is Peaches and she is very fluffy.

Wait, so Western Union sent me money through Western Union? I mean, I guess if they were going to send me money, it would be using themselves…

Well! How insulting. They didn’t even bother to fill in my name for their template. Come on, spammers. Your job isn’t that difficult.

There’s a pandemic going on. No one should be doing that. These spammers are so irresponsible.

I’m kind of puzzled over what their definition of “naturally” is here. I assume some form of technology is involved since it’s “eight times more powerful” or whatever. A knife would be natural, I think, but not pain free. Maybe a laser? But again, not natural. Man, I wish I had opened this one because I want to see what the hell it could be.

Okay, clearly you haven’t seen my neighbors because I can guarantee that I absolutely do not want to see them naked.


  1. I get those skin tag ones all the time too. This must be a bigger problem than I thought.

  2. I also definitely don't want to see my neighbors naked. And I'm sure they think the same of me.

  3. Naked neighbours can't possibly end well.

  4. Knives are not natural.
    Unless you know of a knife tree growing somewhere.


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