Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Ten Years

Ten years. As of tomorrow, I started this blog ten years ago. It’s mind-boggling that it’s been that amount of time. I suppose I should be more reflective, but I think 2020 has sapped all my interest in looking back at the past.

I had no idea what I was doing back then, that’s for sure. I was trying (too hard, I think) to figure out what my “thing” should be and often just spewing out words and seeing what would stick. Spoiler alert! Nothing did. I would do contests and giveaways, as was popular at the time, and join different blogging events—remember those??? And let’s not forget the “awards” people would give. Hey, it filled time.

A lot of the people who commented back then have disappeared into the aether of the internet. Some of them are still out there, but just faded from my life, which happens sometimes. Others are just gone, the links on their names leading to blogs that haven’t updated in years, or perhaps to nowhere at all. But a few people are actually still regularly commenting on my posts. Liz A. first commented (on one of my Language Of Confusion posts, appropriately enough) on November 2, 2010 (yes, I checked, shut up) and she’s still my most faithful commenter (Thanks, Liz!). Before long, I had other people drop in who are still hanging around for some reason—Su Wilcox, William Kendell (another who’s been with me almost since the beginning), Andrew Leon, Alex Cavanaugh, MJ FifieldKate Larkindale. I’m so glad you guys still come around! It’s been years, and I haven’t met any of you in person! Thanks to all of you. I really appreciate your friendship.

One of my first popular (okay, relatively popular) posts was my very first Language Of Confusion post. They weren’t always big draws, but they still remain my favorite of these posts, in addition to being the most regular topic I discuss on here. Some of them are… not up to my current standards, though. So one thing I’m going to do now that I have ten years of etymologizing under my belt (the first one was October 17, 2010, so almost a month after I started blogging), I’m going to redo some of my old posts. They definitely could use some better explanations!

Ten years!!!


  1. You found your groove with the etymology posts. Congratulations on ten years!

  2. Wow! Ten years. That's fantastic. And it's so cool to have friends online that I've known for so long, even if we never have met in person. Maybe one day.... If we're ever allowed to travel again.

  3. Congrats. It's amazing how many bloggers have fallen by the wayside. Here's to another ten?

  4. Congrats! That's something to cherish.
    I can relate to the point you make about blog pals vanishing. I have tried to look up some regular commenters from the initial years of my blogging. That's more than 15 years ago.
    I am not sure how I landed on your blog. I guess it's from a blog where you left a comment.
    I like your posts on language with all those interesting insights into the evolution of words.


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