Tuesday, September 22, 2020

From The Spam Files

Yay, spam posts! Those are always so easy. And it’s been so long since I’ve done one. They’re really piling up. Too bad I have to do them in the stupid awful new blogger interface. Good news, though: I figured out how to get rid of the crappy formatting: in the toolbar where it says Paragraph, select the little arrow and switch it to Normal. Much better. Kind of feel like it should’ve been the default, though.

You probably make more money selling the guides for investing in gold. That’s probably one level up in the pyramid scheme they’re obviously running.

Okay, hear me out: we take the fifteen thousand dollars we can get in one click and—are you still following me—use it to buy gold and silver. You can’t lose!

You mean a stable income and enough free time to work on all my projects? Sign me up right now!

…This is how you advertise to people? Really? REALLY?

Okay, comrade, but what of the revolution?

Holy crap guys! I have a wife and I didn’t even know it! And apparently she receives calls like literally every human being on the planet!


  1. I guess they just lost all the people who don't poop, shower, and shave daily...

  2. At least Blogger finally fixed the tags. That was driving me nuts.

  3. Everything has been updated to stupid, lately.
    PayPal (okay, PayPal isn't so bad, but the change wasn't necessary)
    I'm sure there are others, but those are the things I use daily that drive me nuts.
    And gold isn't gonna help that.


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