Tuesday, September 8, 2020

September Goals

I’m back! I’d much rather still be gone, but what can you do?

August Goals
1. Finish the edit from last month and really work on the whole telling instead of showing thing.
I did this, and hopefully it’s better. Still a bit tell-y, though.

2. Get to the next editing pass where I work on descriptions in particular.
Yep, did this. Could probably use more work, but each pass is getting better.

3. Birthday! Please don’t let that exclamation point cause the entire thing to be ruined.
Really wish every day could be my birthday. I’d always be having cake.

Okay, so a fairly successful month. Now what?

September Goals
1. Work on word usage. I overuse an embarrassing amount of words and phrases.

2. Get WIP beta reader ready.

3. Look back on the last ten years because holy crap, that’s how long I’ve been blogging.

So that’s my plan. What are you up to this month? Can you believe I’ve been blogging for ten years???


  1. Great August - plus there was cake!
    Congratulations on ten years. I'm about to hit eleven years.

  2. Congrats. I don't know how long I've been blogging. Since 2007? 2006? Something like that. Time kind of runs together.

    What's in store for September for me? It looks like I stumbled into another long-term assignment, so I might be a bit busy...

  3. Is there a "gone" place where you go?
    Is it a better place than here?


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