Tuesday, September 29, 2020

From The Spamfiles

It cures insomnia??? Sign me up!

Okay, I seriously read that as “racist” at first and was concerned. “Raciest” only makes slightly more sense as an address, but at least we’re not dealing with an online sex site that caters to racists. We have enough of that already, thank you.

Sometimes I look at these and just one hundred percent do not get how they’re supposed to be enticing. People really fall for these?

So I’m unsubscribed, but they have been trying to contact me, so I can reply and stop receiving these emails. Sure. That’s logic.

Notice that’s the Greek letter mu, not a u. That makes it not swearing!

…This gets more horrifying the more you look at it. That blue box in the middle says “TOP”, by the way.


  1. Some of those subject lines make you wonder.
    I have a home security system and yes, I do sleep better.

  2. Kids will make you sleep better.
    Well, after the first two years.

  3. You get so much better spam than I do.

  4. I'm rather fond of mu. I mean, theta is more fun to write, but mu is a close second. (I spent way too much time in physics classes. . .)


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