Saturday, May 2, 2020


I can’t even make up something as insane as the actual conversations I have with my mom.
The only lie about this is it was by text. It just seems kind of pointless to do just that in a comic, though. Also the mask she got for me is black, so she really does know what I like after all.


  1. Black would be cool. Mine is white - one of the N95 masks. Really wish I could find a Bane one to wear though.

  2. Is this what it's like when the metaphors become real?

  3. You could have just done a screen shot of the text exchange :-P I kind of want to make one with teeth or monster mouth or some such. It doesn't feel so weird when everyone is doing it.

    1. I would love one like that. I have a N96 mask, so plain white, and I'm still trying to think what I could do with it to make if neat.

  4. I am sure there is a lot of scope to get creative with the mask!

  5. My significant other keeps saying he's going to make his look like some creepy clown. I personally don't have any desire to embellish mine.

  6. My masks are plain white. We're so anonymous in them, maybe we should all go for creative looks.


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