Tuesday, May 12, 2020

From The Spamfiles

Yay, it’s time for spam again! I can sense your excitement from here.

Okay, I actually looked this guy up to see if he was real, and no, apparently he’s not. The only John Blairs I’ve been able to find are way older than 25. Seriously, if something’s that easily googled, maybe don’t go lying about it.

Sigh. I could really use five thousand dollars about now.

No, my address is ……………………………………………………

Look at this perfectly legitimate twitter follower. You were made to do hard thinks.

Why are there bombs? Why are there always bombs on these??? WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY INTEND BY THAT????? WHY DOES THIS BOTHER ME SO MUCH???????

Now they’re spamming solutions for spamming. Cheers to them for actually picking something I’d want this time for maybe the first time ever.


  1. Time bomb ... It's an "explosive" album!

  2. Too bad you can't bomb all the spam.

  3. @nakedlanguage needs some language skills.

  4. Guess that private album is explosive!

  5. Her album is da bomb? I'm deducting points for using an out of date slang term. Doesn't she know the current slang term for that is "fire", as in "this album is fire"? (The opposite is trash. Things are either "fire" or "trash".)

  6. I wonder why they used term spam for junk mail. To me spam is awful lunch meat.

  7. This post reminded me that I received some spam the other day, and my first thought was that I needed to take a screenshot to send to you. I'll have to check to see if I actually did take a screenshot.

    Love that perfectly legit Twitter follower.

  8. I love hard thinks. I do them all the time.

    If they were really clever, they'd call them "albombs."

    Now we know Thor's real job.


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