Tuesday, April 28, 2020

From The Spamfiles

Here we go.

A cancer widow! We all must help them with their large amounts of money during these trying times! We don’t want her to get scammed now, do we?

If you’ll “try anything once… Twice… Three times…” it’s not so much “trying anything” as it is “doing anything at any time for any reason”.

Honestly, just posting this one because I think Androstoma would make a good name for a story.

I think the CDC has their hands full with more than CBD right now.

Ah, yes. Warren Buffet is always randomly giving away large sums of money instead of filtering it through charities he owns for tax breaks. And calling himself “Mr. Warren”.

I should give her email address to Mr. Warren. I think they’d suit each other.


  1. True..... CDC is up to their neck

  2. None for you male counterpart? (What was his name? Alan? Dave?) Maybe Warren should contact him.

  3. Were they trying for a name with Androstoma? It would make a good book title.

  4. Never trust any email with emojis in the subject line....

  5. You know what? I will -not- try -anything- once.
    I've seen A Christmas Story so, minimally, I will never try licking a frozen lamppost.

  6. I suppose you've earned Androstoma for dealing with the spam. But a good sci-fi name is so hard to find...

  7. Androstoma sounds like a movie about a colostomy. LOL


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