Tuesday, April 7, 2020

April Goals

Ugh, this month… I saw a post online that describes it well. Someone was saying they lived in six decades, the 80s, the 90s, the 00s, the 10s, the 20s, and March. And, yeah, that feels 100% accurate. Things got pretty horrible throughout the entire world, so forgive me if I’m not super stoked for April.

March Goals
1. Get the query to 100% shape. No idea how I’ll do this, though.
It’s definitely not in 100% shape, but I did work on it a little. You know, before the dread of everyone I’ve ever known dying took over.

2. Work on substantial edits for my other WIP.
I did do this, getting pretty well through them. There’s still a bit left, but it’s actually approaching a state where I’d allow other people to look at it.

3. If I have time, get back to edits on the sequel to first WIP.
I did some of these, too, although I didn’t finish them, and I really feel like I should have. But, you know. Horrible anxiety from pandemic. Kind of makes it hard to focus.

I do wish I got more done, but ugh, this month. This awful, horrible month. I’m really not looking forward to April.

April Goals
1. Finish edits for the other WIP so it’s at the point where it’s ready for beta readers.

2. Finally finish working on the notes I made for WIP’s sequel.

3. Find a way not to be overwhelmed.

That’s the plan, anyway. Who knows if it’ll be successful. What are you doing this month? I hope you’re all  staying safe out there.


  1. That's a problem a lot of writers are facing now - time to write but all desire to write dampered by what is happening.

  2. I'm tempted to say... "things"... but I guess I won't.

  3. I've been struggling to write since this all started too. Partly, I think, because I'm working at home in the same place I usually write. But also, y'know, anxiety about the whole thing.

  4. It sounds like you are really close with everything.

    I tried writing and then just went back to editing a DLP book instead.

  5. Yeah, it's been really hard to focus. And that's okay. I've been working on doing things that I feel capable of. I knit myself a mask. I couldn't face a complex stitch pattern, so I worked something very simple. If I take things at my pace, it works better.

    I read this somewhere. At any given moment in time, figure out from the choices before you which feels the best and do that. You might be surprised at what weird things get done.

  6. Just like Alex said, plenty of time in hands to write, but the mood is not right and will never be right till the world levels out (and puts some common sense into people's head)

  7. Well, my April goal is keep my thoughts away from the pandemic as much as possible since much of my work has got to do with all the news surrounding the global catastrophe.


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