Tuesday, April 14, 2020

From The Spamfiles

These are fast becoming my favorite posts. Maybe because they’re so pointless.

Yeah, that seems super urgent.

It’s the fact that they call it “Valentime” that clinches it for me. What are they going for here? Is it on purpose as some sort of joke? Or are they so inept that they can’t spell Valentine right? It could be either.

Always trust a place that spells mortgage with a 0.

Yes, I am very hurt by this means of communication. Good thing they’re donating me money. I’ll need it to get over this tremendous hurt.

Anyone have any idea what the push pin emojis are supposed to signify? Because I have no idea.

Ah, my good friend, friend. It really has been a long time.


  1. You use the push pins to pop their bubble.
    That last one would be more effective if the sender was death.

  2. Does the one mean your harp is qualified for a mortgage?

  3. If that friend was a real friend, they'd at least call you by name before admitting it was too long since you spoke.

  4. I say Valentime is a typo. Those letters are right next to each other...

  5. Wrong spelling is the easiest clue that it's fake/spam!

  6. And this post about spam attracted spam. Go figure.


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