Tuesday, April 21, 2020

From The Spamfiles

Now let’s pry the lid off and look at some spam.

First of all, it’s the “Valentime” people again, so now we know for sure that it’s not just an accident. Second… seriously, what is all that crap in the message? Does they think this somehow makes them look more legit? Because when you spell it “Valentime”, that ship has sailed.

Because if you’re tired of fake dating, some random website on the internet is going to solve your problems.

Well, someone clearly doesn’t know how spaces work. They go between words, not in the middle.

Hm. You think they’re trying to sell Viagra?

Anyone have any theory as to what “Those” are and why it took so long? I’m guessing she tried to make brownies and realized she was out of eggs, and it took a while for her to figure out an appropriate substitute.

My inheritance fund! That’s apparently in the UK! Where I don’t live and don’t know anyone who does live there! Oh, and please note that it’s spelled “United Kingdoom”. I just. I can’t even.


Please validate me.