Saturday, January 11, 2020


Now, I have a laptop where in order to use the volume controls and a bunch of other stuff, you hit the FN (function) key and the F1-12 keys. You can also turn on a FN lock so you can just hit the buttons and automatically do it without having to hit the FN key, which I do because I never use them for anything else.

Then this happened.
Seriously, it would not work at all. I don’t know how the FN lock was turned off or why it wouldn’t turn back on again. And this wasn’t a simple fix. I had to go into the BIOS and manually change something! I don’t even know how she could break it that badly!


  1. Left alone with your laptop, she just might set off a nuclear explosion.

  2. She's a cat.
    That's how cats work.
    My cat somehow had a "cork" you use to re-seal wine bottles. Something that had been in a drawer. How did he get it? No one knows.

  3. Cats and teenagers can break almost anything without really trying.

  4. Inconveniencing you is her idea of a good time.

    Plus one good purr out of her and she knows all is forgiven.


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