Tuesday, January 21, 2020

From The Spamfiles

It’s been too long since I’ve done this. I’ve missed having an easy filler post to throw up because I have no original ideas.

She wanta your Numbe

I assume they mean that it’s socially negative, but in all honesty, when I first saw this I was thinking it was like a negative number in math and like, “So one item has been taken away?”

“You don’t have to be alone” sounds more like a threat to me.

Warning, adult material like flames and underscores.

…Oaflath? Is that supposed to be a word? Or a name? Or do you just have something caught in your throat?

Yes, I’m sure my several years old joke about spam bingo is super useful to you.


  1. Oaflath is Olaf's cousin. The lazy one.

  2. I'm still getting spam from an Illuminati jackass who has a profile pic that makes him look like a sex offender. He probably is.

    And I've frequently gotten spam comments from a moron trying to compensate for his shortcomings south of the beltline by making comments about a porn star's bust size.

  3. Love the wonky grammar in these. Like that's not a red flag at all...

  4. I may have to steal Oaflath for a character name.

    I recently got some blog spam where some teen (at least, he said he was a teen) was offended by my ceiling dart post, and how my liberalness was to blame for my being unreasonable about staples in the darts, or something. The anger came out of nowhere.

  5. Does getting spam on your spam bingo get a bingo dot?

    And you're not going to call out the "WeLL"? Come on, now!


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