Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Reflections 2019

What a terrible year. I’d say I’m happy to see it go, but then I start panicking about all the things that I have to do once it’s 2020. Anyone else remember a time where they were able stop screaming in horror for more than five seconds? Because I don’t.

Well, that got darker than I expected. What was I supposed to do this year?

Resolutions 2019
1. Figure out some way to keep my yearly resolutions in mind. Maybe I’ll put them at the top of the file I organize my blog posts in.
I think doing this the day before the year ends does still technically count.

2. Finish the first draft of my new WIP and make my editing plan.
Hey, I did this. Didn’t get as much editing done as I wanted, but I was busy with other projects.

3. (Hopefully) finish my older WIP, and at the very least keep making progress on it.
It’s actually as close as I can get it. It could probably use some more beta reads to be sure, though.

4. Write something new, but not necessarily an entire book. Something smaller.
I did this. And also wrote an entire new book. I’m not sure that’s a fail, though.

5. Start up a new spam blog. I know. It’s the stupidest thing ever. I just think it’s hilarious.
Kind of did this since I’m now posting it on here. Plus that’s so many more blog posts I don’t have to write. Win-win.

6. Arm myself for the upcoming revolution.
It’s taking too long to get here.

7. Be nicer. To the people who are nice. The people who are mean will learn new definitions of pain.
This would probably be the only one I could consider a fail. It’s been a tough year for niceness.

I actually did most of what I wanted to. I’m pleased with that. I just wish things were a little easier. It’d be nice not to have to worry about losing my health insurance or screwing up my taxes.

What did you think of 2019? Did you get anything important done? Are you glad to see it go? And be sure to have a fun night!!!


  1. Have you ever noticed that at the end of every year, people spend a lot of time complaining at what a bad year it was? Every. Year. So, I'm sure there were some good things that we're overlooking... (Well, not the political situation, but there is some hope there.)

  2. Important?
    Does making sure we have working sewage count as important? Having two bathtubs full of shit can certainly change your perspective on that one.

  3. I got burned out of my previous home.

    I'm glad to see this year done.

  4. Sounds like you have a productive year. Congrats.

  5. You accomplished a lot. I've been actively trying to be more patient and kind. There needs to be more of both in the world and I'm doing a small part of it.


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