Tuesday, December 3, 2019

December Goals

Ugh, November. UGGGGHHHHH. I am glad to see it gone considering how my body basically imploded on me. What was I even supposed to do this month?

November Goals
1. Finish the rewrites and reorganizing for WIP-1, then hopefully get it out to more beta readers.
I was able to do the first part of this, although not the second. I kind of got exhausted so I wasn’t able to ask people if they’d be willing to look at it. Ugh, November.

2. Edit the synopsis and et al. and get some help looking at that, too.
No, I had too many other things to worry about to get to this. Nuts, I really wanted it done.

3. Thanksgiving! So I’ll have to deal with that, too. Hopefully it will provide me with a much needed recharge and not total dread.
I really should have known better.

Okay, what should I do this month?

December Goals
1. Get WIP-1 out to beta readers (any volunteers?) and actually work on the synopsis and stuff.

2. Edit WIP-2. Man, I can’t believe this sounds like the easier goal.

3. Christmas! New Years! Please let it be a nice break!

I wonder how much I can do this month. What are your plans?


  1. Sorry you didn't get your recharging. I finished my first draft and will be doing edits this month.
    Three weeks and it's Christmas!

  2. What a shame you didn't get a break over the holiday. Fingers crossed Christmas is better for that.

  3. You need to plan a cruise for one for Thanksgiving next year.

  4. I'm planning on working through Christmas, seeing as how I despise the holiday.

  5. I'll reread, if you like... Sorry you weren't feeling well. It's not fun to be run down over the holidays.

  6. My body basically imploded on me at the end of the month, but at least I managed to win NaNoWriMo before it did. :)

    I hope you get a nice break from all that this month. I'm supposed to be working on a synopsis, too, but I can't see myself actually doing it.

  7. Good luck with your goals this month and surviving the holidays.


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