Tuesday, April 30, 2019

From The Spamfiles

Yay, there were five Tuesdays this month. I just love putting off having to look at my failed goals for another week.

I’ve never met someone named Helen in my life and you’re going to tell me that some twenty three year old has that name. She’s probably friends with Betty and Linda.

Client #810-8564. At least they spelled my name right.

If the emojis are any indication, than dating requires lighting people on fire. So I’m already most of the way there.

Honestly, its still a more believable name than Helen.

Not just blinding, ultra-blinding! For when blinding bears just isn’t enough. You have to melt their eyes, too.

And I love you, dcpknalb. Now give me money.


  1. Lighting people on fire could be fun. I prefer blasting them with lasers though.

  2. I had a student named Helen.
    And there are SO many Emmas out here. For years, every softball team my daughter played against would have at least two Emmas on it.

  3. I know several Helens, but they are probably all over 30...

  4. Helen might be due for a comeback. I've been surprised by Abigail (3 in one class!), Henry (that's getting popular, too), and Karen.

  5. The patriot with the ultra blinding light is no doubt a far right whackjob ready to engage in a guerrilla war with the government because he thinks they're sending mind control signals through the microwave.

  6. It's so nice that somebody loves you, wants to give a really cool flashlight and get to know you better before setting you on fire. You're so suspicious.


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