Tuesday, April 16, 2019

From The Spamfiles

I love these posts. Mostly because they’re really, really easy.

As opposed to all the 95% authentic Asian ladies online.

Will you leave me alone? Because that’s what I really want.

Okay, time for another rousing edition of Spot The Red Flag:
1. The (.)ru domain is just super shady.
2. They don’t use apostrophes, the monsters.
3. The delivery day was almost a year ago.

I don’t know. Do I or do not I like to contact via email or phone?

Because yeah, what do brain surgeons know? Anyway, I’m 100% sure that whatever they want you to eat will kill you, so I guess your tinnitus will be solved.

A spam comment on last week’s post about spam! The ouroboros is eating itself!


  1. Amazing the way they try to entice people, and the confidence that people would fall for them. Probably many do!

  2. Or the plastic Asian ladies?
    Do they still make them out of plastic?

  3. Can't believe people still send crap out like this. Does anyone ever actually respond?

  4. My spam comments seemed to always go to one particular post. It got ridiculous. I had to delete spam comments from it daily. Then, I got the brilliant idea to stop allowing comments to that post. It was a few years old, so what was the harm? My spam comments have basically stopped. (Well, not today. Today I got four. But before today.)

  5. Asian ladies? I get the Russian ladies who wonder why I haven't answered them yet.


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