Tuesday, February 12, 2019

From The Spamfiles

Yeah, we’re doing this again. I haven’t found anything good to replace my old Tumblr, so I’m going to start posting things here more frequently. Lucky you.

This makes me uncomfortable for several reasons, not the least of which is that they have a period then an exclamation point. Also, “we find hot girls that want to get wild”. Shouldn’t it be “who”? They’re not objects. They’re hot girls.

Just for ldsmp!

Where the hell did they get the idea that my name is Greg Smith and I’m from Lake Stevens??? But he does have a lot of unclaimed assets, and someone might be cheating on him.

Spaces are so passé. Underscores are in!

It’s Lake Stevens again (or Lake stevens). I’m kind of annoyed at the fact that they put the dollar sign after the numeral, though. Something about that just bugs me.


  1. Where is Lake Stevens, anyway? You should see if a Greg Smith lives there and let him know you are getting his spam.

  2. The Lake Stevens that I found was in Washington.

    This Greg Smith fellow sounds in real trouble.

    And it's not as if we'll expect proper vocabulary and wording out of spammers.

  3. Is it Idsmp or ldsmp. There used to be a blog about lower case Ls. I don't know if you've ever noticed, but people tend to use lower case Ls with upper case everything else, which is very confusing because it looks just like an I. (http://www.lowercasel.com/) (Looks like they've migrated to Instagram. Must follow...)

  4. Is there even a Lake Stevens? Sounds suspicious to me...

  5. You're missing the point of objectification.!


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