Tuesday, February 26, 2019

From The Spamfiles

Yes, this again. Well, next week is my goals post so at least you get then off.

The Keto diet is just the Atkins diet. This PSA brought to you by: stop changing the names of things and expecting them to be different you won’t lose weight.

I knew it. Greg is sneaking into my accounts and getting messages sent to him. But I caught him this time.

…This is the first time I’ve ever been given a neutral option. It might be the first time I’ve been given an option that suits me.

Sorry to be repeating spam types, but I wanted to point out that I’m vehemently against spelling it “woah”. The word is “whoa”.

How could you possibly think this was a scam! The National Central Bureau of Interpol has been enhanced by the United Nations! And the FBI!


  1. Greg is probably enhanced, but that doesn't make him genuine either...

  2. I bet Greg works for the NCBoI, which is why he's enhanced and why he keeps getting into your email.

  3. You don't think maybe one of the cats signed up for something under the name Greg?

  4. Don't even get me started on the diet industry. Yes, Keto is Atkins. There was a nutritionist who did a whole Twitter thread on this issue.

  5. Ah, the African scammer returns! I have a cancer widow one coming up with the same name and message that was sent to me last year when she claimed she had two months to live.


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