Thursday, December 28, 2017

Words That Make Me Irrationally Angry

Last word post of the year! So you’re going to hear me complain about words that bug me. In ascending order from “Meh” to “Sorry I keep stabbing you but you keep using that word.”

1. Pleaded
This isn’t one hundred percent of the time, and really it only bugs me that pled exists and no one uses it. I like pled. The person pled guilty to the crime. They pled for their life. Why do we need pleaded? Why does this bug me so much?

2. Numerals instead of spelling out numbers
I can’t remember what I was reading, just that it began a sentence with a 2 and I was like, no, that will not do. I tend to spell out numbers most of the time, but I usually don’t mind when people use numerals in their writing. Still, sometimes I see it and I just dislike the look of it, especially when it’s a smaller number. Like, just type out seven. It’s not that many more clicks.

3. Alright
While this one won’t send me into a rage, I just don’t like it. Every time I look at it I go “Ugh!” It’s literally displeasing to my eye, the same as seeing someone wearing socks with sandals or fanny packs. Yes, I know there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. I use already and altogether all the time. But alright…it’s one bridge too far.

4. Till as short for until
Til I can tolerate, and ‘til is perfectly acceptable. But damn it, till is what you do with soil and I won’t hear otherwise.

5. Guesstimate
The fact that this word isn’t showing up with a red jagged line under it in Word is sending me into a blinding rage. I may kill someone because of it and damn it, that won’t be on my conscious. Using it around me is taking your life in your hands. Guess and estimate are perfectly capable of doing the job!!!

Any words/usages that drive you crazy?


  1. Anything below 100 is to be spelled out anyway. Unless it starts a sentence, then it's always spelled out.

    There are a lot of words used around here that would really bug you. Or at least the way they say things, like "The one what brung ya."

  2. Guesstimate- can we figure out who invented it and drop them into the Marianas Trench?

  3. I was taught in school to spell out anything below 100, and that must have stuck because it bothers me when I see people not do that. My critique partners get irritated with me because I always correct it in their pages.

    And I'm so with you on 'Alright'.

  4. I hate "alright." It's not an actual word, damn it, and people should stop using it.

    And I agree on the whole numbers thing. There are rules about that and people should learn what they are!

  5. You've caught me in a sanguine moment. No words come to mind. Not even your list irritates me. Of course, it could be because I'm on my migraine pills (the miracle ones that keep me out of pain), so I could just be drugged out of anger...


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