Saturday, December 30, 2017

Spam Bingo, The Final

Ha, remember this? It was almost exactly a year ago that I posted my Spam Bingo post. It was going pretty good for a few months, but as I’ve mentioned before my spam has been surprisingly sparse lately. Anyway, let’s see how it looks!
Yep, I did manage to get everything, even the last two holdouts (foreign person asking for money and someone you can easily google—which I’ve gotten several of in the past month, BTW). Frankly, it wasn’t a very hard challenge. Although I bet it would be in 2018. Where has all the spam gone?!

Happy New Year, guys! I’d say let it be better than 2017, but the bar is so low that it’s almost meaningless. 


  1. Every once in awhile I get Bank of America spam claiming my account is locked up.

    This despite the fact that I have no such account, and to the best of my knowledge Bank of America doesn't even operate north of the border.

  2. Either the spam filters have gotten really good, or the spam bots have become bots for other things...

  3. You can have some of my spam if you need more. The most recent ones I've been getting have been people claiming to be family members who've won the lottery and want to share the winnings. Unfortunately I know everyone with my last name, and none of these people are real Larkindales.


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