Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Moms and Technology 1

It’s Thanksgiving week! I have too much to do so here’s a bunch of actual conversations I’ve had with my mom.

Her: I can’t find my paper. I know I saved it on Chrome but all that’s here is a blank page.

Me: Okay, did you save it on Google Drive?

Her: What’s Google Drive? How do I find it?

Me: Just go to the nine dots in the corner and click on it. It should be there.

Her: Okay, the paper’s not there. Can you go to my computer at home and check for it on there?

Me: …Fine.

So I get there and turn it on and…

Her: Never mind. I found it.


  1. Mothers! My partner is always having to go over to his folks' place to help them figure out their computers. Email just seems beyond them...

  2. My mother wouldn't have even started with a computer, let alone gotten lost with a document on it.

  3. You're trying to have us believe that she doesn't lose non-tech things?

  4. You need to get your mom's login info so you can access her Google account from your home. Might save you headaches in the future.


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