Saturday, November 18, 2017


I got a new router to help with my internet issues and…yeah, they’re mostly solved, although there’s still the occasional blip. Anyway, here’s what actually happened the day it arrived.
I politely told them no thank you, but I swear, if disappointment could be distilled into its purest essence, it would be that moment.


  1. Jehovah's Witnesses? I once had them at the door, told them I was a devil worshiper in the midst of a ritual sacrifice. They bolted down the steps and away as fast as you can imagine.

  2. They were trying to router you right into Hell.

  3. We get two or three of those disappointing visits each year. Weather should keep they away for a while. Hope your internet is heavenly from now on.

  4. Bible salesmen? ;)
    Glad the router helped. Luckily, those pushing religion tend to not be in my neighborhood. I don't do well with them.

  5. I should remember this the next time the Mormons knock on my door. Would make it more amusing than trying to awkwardly get them to shut up and go away.


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