Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Vocab Test

Several months ago I came across a vocabulary test that I thought was fun but then I saw it on two other blogs before I could post it so I decided to wait a while. And now that it’s almost the end of the year and I can’t think of anything else, here it is!

The rules are pretty basic. You pick a language and then it shows you a word, and you pick from a set of four either the synonym or antonym of the word. It’s easy at first, but as it goes on, it starts throwing more and more obscure words at you. I tried to break them down and piece them together from the roots I’ve learned over years of etymology posts. Of course, considering how weird some of those etymologies are, I could have gotten them completely backwards.

Still, I did pretty well, getting in the 0.01th percentile, with a vocabulary of 30325. Big surprise, right? The reader/writer did super well! Shocking! I’m not actually sure how it was ranked. I guess that’s supposed to be 30325 words. It’s not exactly a scientific test :P.

How’s your vocabulary? Did you do well on the test? Any words that you had never heard of before?


  1. I tend to annoy my wife with big words. I'll take it later when my brain is more awake.

  2. I took one of those a while back, one that's supposed to tell you how many words you know. I got a score that was similar to yours (something over 30k words, though I don't remember the actual number). I don't think I buy it as a testing model, though.

  3. That sounds fun! Okay... so I'm weird...

  4. I did this a while back and got a fairly similar score. Amazing how hard it got thought, right?

  5. I think I tried it. Don't remember my score. I think I was disappointed. But yeah, end of year, the posts get pretty sparse. Did you see the Christmas one I posted last year (and then on Black Friday this year)? That's another one you can post (and I have the answers if you want them ;) )

  6. Mine fell in the top five percent of vocabulary. I know I got a couple wrong.


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