Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Reflections 2016

You know what? I don’t want to reflect on 2016. It was terrible. Like, beyond awful. Like, someone waking you up in the middle of the night by smacking you in the head with a hammer. No, wait. That’s not painful enough.

Ugh, this year can go and die.

1. Hopefully carve out time to write a new book!
Well, I started one. It’s only a fourth of the way done, but it’s better than nothing.

2. Keep updating the blog three times a week. I know this seems like an easy one since I’ve been doing that for years, but sometimes it seems like I’m out of time. So no matter what, keep blogging!
I did miss a week once. Because 2016 is just like being thrown off a cliff into a lake of boiling water.

3. Try to finish the horror story I started writing last year. Hopefully I can find the time!
I didn’t do this, because I couldn’t find the motivation to do it. If I don’t have fun writing it, I can’t imagine someone having fun reading it, so it’s probably for the best.

4. Maybe start a progress bar for my goals so I can see how far I’m getting.
Wow, I just straight up didn’t do this. I didn’t even remember it was a goal. Whoops?

5. Do the A-to-Z Challenge again! Which means I better get started on those posts.
Another success. It was definitely one of the more fun parts of the year.

6. Win a hundred million dollars in the lottery so I can just write for the rest of my life. This one might be tough.
I’m really mad that I didn’t make this goal. It’s totally unfair.

7. Read more. Just ‘cause why not?
Yes, I did. It was fun. I do wish that it was even more!

So that was 2016. It was way worse than the pretty font color I picked would indicate. It was like having your skin removed and replaced with a concentrated acid.



  1. Well, I didn't finish either of my two main projects for the year because 2016. Which included the death of my computer which completely derailed a novel that was supposed to be out in October.

  2. I'm so sorry the year was that bad. Mine was just frantically busy, which is why I didn't finish my book.

  3. 2016 sucked. Especially the last portion of it, but I rest content in the knowledge that the source of much stress to myself and others is about to have his life ripped apart, and it's all of his own doing.

  4. For Christmas I bought my brother a T-shirt that says "I survived 2016". I think you need to treat yourself to one as well. (We need to get one for my SIL who almost died a few times this year. Seriously. Heart stopped and all that.)


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