Tuesday, August 16, 2016

From The Spamfiles

Did we just have a visit from the Spamfiles or does it just feel that way? Whatever. I have a week and a half left before my vacation and I am totally checked out already.

Huh, I don’t remember sending this to myself…

The emojis in this one just confused me. The people holding hands and the hearts I get, but what the hell is that last thing? Because the only thing I think it looks like is a bustier which just…seems weird, even for spam.

I honestly, one hundred percent believe that the government is stupid enough to be overrun by flashlights.

Okay, it starts by saying that he’s part of the UN “Inspection Unit”, which doesn’t exist, in an Atlanta Airport, where the UN isn’t located. For crying out loud, do you know how easy it is to google information about the UN? Seriously, we need to find out where these spammers are from so we can start some kind of education program because whatever they have isn’t working.

…I really have no idea what this one is going for and I’m a little scared to find out.

And that’s the best of the spam from this past month! What about you? Come across any stupidly amusing spam?


  1. You are correct - the government is dumb enough to be overrun by flashlights.

  2. The UN (?) is auditing all the abandoned consignments (?) at the Atlanta Airport and found luggage in your name with an undisclosed amount of money in a metal trunk box.

    Wouldn't you remember if you'd lost a suitcase full of cash? I would. I'd be bummed.

  3. Gotta love spam. Always good for a LOL.

  4. "The UN Inspection Unit." In Atlanta.

    Oh, sure, right, whatever they say...

  5. I just checked my spam and deleted folder. I only get companies trying to persuade me with their sales.

  6. "toeghter"? How do you even misspell together. I just made a typo and ended up with togetyher. Were they deliberately mixing letters up? (Which goes along with an article I read somewhere that stated that spam was deliberately written badly so as to weed out those who wouldn't fall for spam.)

  7. I think you underestimate the initiative of people to check facts.

  8. Your spam seems much more interesting than mine. I just get people trying to sell me headphones and website services and give me money from non-existent relatives who died in remote African nations.


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