Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August Goals

Hey, it’s August already! You know what that means!

It’s my birthday month! So obviously I have to spend the entire time in celebration! There will be cake, people. CAKE.

Oh. Right. I have goals or something to look at.

July Goals
1. See how I’m doing on my yearly resolution, because I’m betting it’s not good.
Actually, it was mostly not bad. Yay I guess.

2. Figure out if I can block off some time once a week or something for me to just write.
I still really don’t. I’m just so tired of the computer by the end of the day that when I do have free time I just want to do anything else. Sigh…hopefully that will change.

3. Write something, anything, without any strings attached (like I have to finish it or it has to have a certain word count).
I did fiddle around with some stuff, so that was fun. : )

And now, for this month…

August Goals
1. Start a new cross-stitching pattern. Hopefully it won’t take as long as the last one did.

2. Write something fun that I enjoy writing!


Good goals, and importantly, attainable. So what are you up to now that it’s August? Any end of summer vacations? Or end of winter ones?


  1. I think there should be daily cake this month!

  2. What kind of cake?

    And didn't you just have a birthday month?

  3. Yay for birthday month! You totally need to eat cake daily.

  4. Happy August. Good luck on your goals. I'm always up for cake.

  5. Your birthday month starts just after my birthday ends. Happy birthday! And yes, attainable goals are good.
    I'm starting to think I might not get a real "vacation" this year. Which is fine by me, actually. Means there's more stuff to post about.

  6. Happy Birthday! And good luck with your goals. =D

  7. Happy Birthday! Take the whole month. I haven't reached my writing goals this past month. Not even close. Too much fun in the sun.


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