Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Death of Tweetdeck, Part 2

I didn’t expect this to be a continuing series, but frankly, I’ve been kind of annoyed with Janetter’s, which I think was causing problems with my computer. So I went looking for another, and found Yoono.

It’s…okay, I guess. Not great. Servicable, I think is the best word for it.

---Still calls Favorites Favorites! Woo!
---Fairly intuitive.
---Lets you link a bunch of different social media sites, so you can not only look at updates from Facebook and LinkedIn and whatever, you can also update them all at the same time.

---There’s very little customization of the appearance, and I’m not a fan of the plain white background.
---Navigation is a bit awkward, although you should be able to figure it out (there’s a little icon in the bottom corner that lets you scroll).
---The updates only come in about every minute or so it’s not exactly instant.
---It only lets you go look at a fixed number of posts, so you can only go back so far. Seriously?!

Honestly, I’d stick with Janetter over this one…except, like I said, I think Janetter is causing some glitches in my computer, namely that it’s causing touchpad driver to periodically crash, which means I can’t scroll with it and that’s just so annoying. I don’t know if this problem would happen to other people—my computer is at the crappy end of the technology scale—but the fact that it’s happening at all makes me reconsider their worth. And since I’ve uninstalled it, I haven’t had any problems with my touchpad.

Sigh. We really can’t get something as good as Tweetdeck, can we?


  1. I need to scan iTunes and see if there are any apps that would be similar. At least those can't crash my iPad.

  2. I missed part 1, so I had to go back to catch up! The online version of Tweetdeck has been annoying me for a while, too, but as you say there's nothing else like it.

  3. The only computer issues I get is when the wireless decides to go bye-bye for thirty seconds before returning. Not that big a deal when I'm trying to open a page, but a nuisance when I've just written quite a long comment!

  4. I barely remember to look at my personal Twitter account. I wonder if any of those would help me?

  5. You may just have to create one of your own and put it out there.

    I'm just on plain Twitter, and for some reason it's stopped updating on my phone. I tried an experiment, and I discovered that it only updates when I'm not on WiFi. How weird is that? I was barely checking in at all, and now I have to go to the trouble of turning off the WiFi if I want to look at it. Deep sigh.

  6. I still like Tweetdeck. I haven't found anything better for twitter chats.

  7. Have you tried Tweetie? I used that for a while and really liked it.

  8. I appreciate your sharing of this information. Sometimes I just hate Twitter anyway even though I believe it's a useful tool. Lately I'm sick of all social media and the meanness on Twitter and some of the others.


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