Saturday, May 21, 2016


My mom really loves getting new purses. Like, insanely so. Personally, I don’t see the appeal, but whatever.

It was not the small.


  1. That's hilarious! I've never really gotten into the whole purse thing. I always have one, and once that's worn out, I'll get another one. But I never have multiple ones because I can't be bothered moving all my stuff from one to another. How tedious! And what if you forget your wallet or keys in one when switching to another?

    Nope, I'll keep my multiple purchase points for shoes...

  2. Hey, she can carry you in it!
    My wife has one purse. And she gets really annoyed when one falls apart and she has to go find another.

  3. Life's much easier when you can fit things into a pocket.

  4. Ha, Ha! I am the opposite. I found a purse I LOVED. It has a pocket for my phone. It can be small and folded over and be worn with a strap. Or, you can unfold it for a bigger purse and hold a smaller strap in your hand.

    When it wore out, I scoured eBay until I found another one of the exact same kind and bought it. My sister couldn't believe I bought the same purse again. Me, I'm worried I should have bought two, in case I can't find a replacement when #2 wears out in the future. Maybe I should have bought three.

  5. I'm in the process of designing my next purse. I knit them all, so I can make just what I want. It's been a year since I made the last one.

  6. LOL. My daughter is always buying new purses and bags. I always go for as small as possible and she tries for one to carry half her library in.


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