Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Goals

It’s that time again! It’s been a while since I’ve done it the actual first Tuesday of the month. I don’t know why I feel the need to point that out. I…I might be boring.

So, let’s do this.

May Goals
1. Update my site. That includes remembering to update my Monthly Goal list! I also need to start writing down my goals on a post-it or something so I see them every day and remember what I need to do.
Yep, did this. Thankfully, an easy one.

2. Keep writing my WIP. I don’t know how much I’ll get done since there’s only one day I really have time to write, and even that’s not that much. At least four thousand words would be nice.
I did, but as always, not as much as I’d like. Sigh…

3. Spring Cleaning! I’m glad it’s finally warm enough to do it.
Also did this, although there’s still so much more to do! I’m still liking it more than winter, though.

Meh. I wish I got more writing done. Stupid life, always getting in the way.

June Goals
1. Try to find more time to write. And, you know. Write.

2. Finish that short story from last month. Well, last last month. Yes, this is a separate goal. I couldn’t think of anything else I’ll be doing this on the weekend, which is technically my free time.

3. Update the etymology page again. It has to be done sometime!

And that’s the plan for June, besides enjoying the nice weather before it gets so hot that I start melting. What do you guys have planned for this month?


  1. There is no try, only do!
    And I'm already melting here in the summer heat.

  2. I might be a plotter when it comes to writing, but I am definitely a pantser with life.

  3. Summer heat seems very, very elusive when you've spent half the day berating yourself for not wearing the leather jacket when you left this morning and feeling chilled all day!

  4. Oooh, a short story. Do tell!

  5. June is filled with family events -- birthdays, a prom, a graduation, and a graduation party. Plus a couple of book-related events, including an overnight trip.

    Plus there will be writing, as always.

  6. Don't try to write. Write. I could do with a little summer heat. It's freezing here!

  7. Writing? Huh? what's that?

    Sigh. I hear you. Life is not only in the way, it's blocking all lanes of traffic in every direction. Grrrr.

  8. Yeah silly life has a way of interrupting our writing goals! Good for you that you actually make goals and try to keep them.
    I wish you a very successful June of writing!!

    Denise :-)

    My IWSG post on Mindfulness

  9. Hey, you did do some writing. Celebrate it. Hope you get that short story nailed!


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