Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I’ve done this a couple of times before, where I put in random words and phrases in Google and see what auto fills first. Honestly, every time I do this I become more convinced that humanity is doomed.

This one might be understandable. I have no idea what capers are either.

Others are just people who can’t figure out riddles. And need help cleaning up after murders, which in all fairness, can be messy.

Clearly this is just people who need help with their math homework. Or need to figure out why it burns when they pee.

Okay, seriously? How do I live? More confusing: how do I live without you? If you’re looking that up on Google, your problems may run deeper than the internet can solve.

It’s a good thing computers aren’t sentient. They might blackmail us by deciding to publish our search histories.


  1. Must be difficult to take a screen shot on a Mac if that many people are Googling it.

  2. Type something with words smell or taste and you'll get some real disturbing answers.

  3. People dumb enough to not know the primary colours as they are?

    Why am I not surprised?

  4. This is pretty funny. And it also reminds me how lazy we have gotten when looking for information. I remember when I had to drive to a library and use a) a card catalog b) a microfiche machine or c) a set of periodical reference books (the name of which I forget and might have to Google, lol) to look up what periodicals had articles on my topic so that I could request the microfiche film for them. Phew.

  5. The day I was covering that special ed. class at the CHS, the one that I got two blog posts out of (the stupid Charlie thing and the girl with the boyfriend in jail)... Anyway, in one of the periods I noticed "Angel" copying her math question and depositing the whole thing in the Google search.

    I put a stop to that right away.

    But, apparently, this was how she was figuring out how to get some of the answers. (I could walk her through the problems myself, so that's what I did.) And she appeared not to be the first, as she found a website with the question and someone had explained how to get various answers.

    Deep sigh.

  6. LOL. I'm always amazed when I type in two words and what I'm actually searching for comes up as a choice.

  7. HA! I was just thinking that the last screenshot was awfully depressing, but you managed to make me laugh about it.

    I'm always freaked out when I type in two words and the rest comes up as a search option. Either I'm exactly the same as everyone else, or Google is watching me. Or maybe both.

  8. It's interesting to see what Google predicts I'll type next. Some of those common searches make me scratch my head.

  9. Try "how do you become" and see what you get.


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