Saturday, June 27, 2015


I vacuum the house almost every day. But it’s still not enough.

I do have two very fluffy cats, but seriously, from the amount of fur I vacuum up each day, they should be bald.


  1. Those are some furry cats.
    We had tumbleweeds when I lived in Arizona. I don't recall them coming in the house though.

  2. My cat should be bald, too. Every time I vacuum, there's enough cat hair to knit a whole new cat.

  3. Are they lying in wait for you to finish vacuuming, and then releasing all the loose fur?

  4. Years ago, after my only cat passed away, my home was mysteriously clean. I even wondered about it and determined the connection, but couldn't help myself and got three cats. Dust bunnies that are mainly cat hair everywhere now.

  5. I wish I had cats, but not for this reason. Hairball and dustbunny city, LOL

  6. This sounds like my house, except in my case, it's the German Shepherd who's to blame.
    Do you think there's a market for sweaters and hats knitted out of German Shepherd hair?


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