Saturday, March 14, 2015


This one probably doesn’t need any introduction. Just over a week ago, it started snowing. Again.

Not pictured: the stains in the ceiling from the water damage caused by the ice dams.

The “light snow” the weather predicted for last week was 4-6 inches, which I have to admit, is light considering the approximately three feet that’s already out there.

Seriously, winter. F**k you.


  1. We were around eighty degrees last week.
    Yeah, I'll just slink away now...

  2. But winter is a wonderful and joyous thing!

  3. We're playing softball today.
    And have been for weeks.

  4. Not going to tell you today's expected high. Or the temp my phone just said it is outside...

  5. Sitting in my daughter's room in Boston as I read this. It's snowing outside. At least it's covering up the dirt on the mountains of snow blocking the view out the window. F-winter, indeed.

  6. I loathe water damage. I've had that before because of rain.

    The snow up north has been tremendous. May spring come to you soon.

  7. Winter arrived here on the back of Cyclone Pam late last night. After months of summer, the adjustment to the cold is proving difficult. Not helped of course by the fact New Zealand houses don't have central heating… I guess New Zealanders are supposed to be tough or hardy or something. Or wear layers of sweaters made from all those sheep.

  8. This made me laugh. Thanks for that!


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