Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Goals

Oh, man, February just…just sucked, for way too many people. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this relieved for a new month to dawn. I just wish February would take this m@&#$&%^#*@%g snow with it.

February Goals
1. Try to find enough time to do those frigging edits on REMEMBER.
Unfortunately, no, I was no able to. This month was just a mess and I really didn’t have that much free time because it was either work lots of hours at a low paying job or starve. I am so bummed about this that I’m going to have to use a sad face emoticon. : (

2. Get caught up on everything I fell behind on without a computer.
Well, I was at least able to do this. Small victories, I guess.

3. Don’t starve to death. Maybe.
I’m still here, so I guess this was a success. I just wish it felt like it. I’ve been so busy working that I don’t have enough time to write and that just sucks.

Sigh. I really hope March is better. I mean, it can’t be worse, right?


March Goals
1. Find enough time to do some writing/editing! Please, pretty please. Maybe I’ll win the lottery and then not have to worry about money anymore.

2. All the snow has caused some water damage, so I will be spending some time trying to mitigate that. Man, how I wish I didn’t have to make this a goal. Didn’t this blog used to be about writing?

3. Get all my A-to-Z Challenge posts ready for posting! They’re all written, so it’s just setting them up. I’m actually kind of excited for this one.

Okay, so that’s the plan. What are you up to this month? Need any snow? Because I have lots of extra.


  1. We had our snow, thanks.
    Sorry work is sucking all your time. Food is important though. At least you have your Challenge posts written.

  2. Send the snow here. Mostly to the mountains, though, because the snow pack this year is still too light.

  3. Did my comment go through? Or did it get eaten?

    1. Looks like it got eaten, so let me see if I can reconstruct (and if it miraculously reappears, feel free to delete this one).

      Snow. Yeah, we'll take it. Now we just have to figure out a good way to redistribute it. There's got to be a way.

      As for A to Z, I need to get cracking. I've started. I'm about half way through getting things set up, but now it's March...

  4. Sorry Feb was such a downer. I hope March is better. I'd take some snow, but since it's still summer here, that might be weird and freak people out.

    I still haven't decided if I'll do the A - Z this year. I'll probably decide on March 30th or something….

  5. Yikes, sounds like a gloomy February! I hope we will see some warmer weather in March.
    I know I will have revisions for Eighth Day #3 in March, and I need to work on a proposal for my optioned books. But I hope also to clear my slate so I can take a blogging hiatus in April and work on a new project. No A to Z for me. When possible, I always take that month off to avoid it.

  6. I have A to Z posts to do. February wasn't great for me either. And snow just won't quit. I remember a spring when we opened our pool in March. Can't even see it under the snow.

  7. The snow's been rough all over. Hopefully March is better for you.

  8. I'd love some snow. I rarely see it; only during some of my travels.

    I hope March is better than February for you. It'll be both a longer and warmer month, right?

  9. I would love some snow. Here, it's 78 one day and 34 the next. Ugh. The poor plants don't know whether to bud out or stay dormant.

    Good luck finding some wiring time. I'm struggling with same.

    IWSG #142 until Alex culls the list again.

  10. Yes, damn it, March is going to get better, because it FREAKING HAS TO. February was too much of a suck-fest for things to not start looking up.



  11. I hope you're able to mitigate that water damage! I love winter, but I know that's no fun.


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