Saturday, March 28, 2015


Now, this happened in early February between all the snow storms. Not that the weather has warmed much since then...

They were chocolate peanut butter. And they were awesome.


  1. Can't pass up free cookies.
    Well, I can, because a serving is like two cookies, and who can eat just one serving?
    Plus I don't do needles.
    So give twice for me.

  2. What is that that fell on the couch?

  3. Hah! I give blood regularly too, and that's one of the nice benefits- cookies!

  4. I probably should donate blood, but since it takes the phlebotomist at least 3 tries before he/she ever finds a vein (once I got stuck 8 times before success), I don't think even cookies will entice me.

  5. I've always wanted to give blood, but they won't take mine. I lived in the UK during the Mad Cow disease era and they won't take my blood even though I was a vegetarian at the time...

  6. The best we ever get is a free tee shirt. Girl scout cookies is amazing.


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