Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Goals

April Fools isn’t until tomorrow, but that’s when the Challenge starts so I have to do something crazy and post early.

Well, at least it wasn’t as bad as February. But it was close.

March Goals
1. Find enough time to do some writing/editing! Please, pretty please. Maybe I’ll win the lottery and then not have to worry about money anymore.
Barely. In all, I’d call this a failure, because I really didn’t get to do as much as I wanted. It’s just that my only free time is at the end of the day and I’m always so tired…sigh…

2. All the snow has caused some water damage, so I will be spending some time trying to mitigate that. Man, how I wish I didn’t have to make this a goal. Didn’t this blog used to be about writing?
F*****g snow. It actually started to melt at the end of the month, and the ice dams in the gutters finally disappeared. But there is just so much damage. Okay, not tons, but still more than I can handle…

3. Get all my A-to-Z Challenge posts ready for posting! They’re all written, so it’s just setting them up. I’m actually kind of excited for this one.
At least the recap doesn’t have to end on a sour note. I did this, and my posts are all ready, and I’m really happy about it.

Oh, April. Please don’t be another February. Or March for that matter.

April Goals
1. Write a short story. I actually have an idea for one. Not sure what will happen with it, but it’ writing.

2. Figure out how to fix all the damage. Again, I hate having to make this a goal, but I have a feeling it’s going to be occupying my thoughts a lot this month…

3. A-to-Z Challenge! Yay! My posts are all ready, but I have to be sure to visit new blogs every day, as well as all my usuals. Expect a lot of late comments from me.

Okay, so that’s my plan for April. Please, just don’t let there be any surprises. What are you up to this month? Ready for spring/fall?


  1. That stinks about the water damage. I hope April is an easier month for you. Happy A-to-Z'ing.

  2. Sorry about the damage. Hope that's the end of the snow for you.
    At least your posts are all ready!

  3. Its sad but I'm sure you aren't the only one with water damage this year; sorry you all have to deal with it! Good though that you are prepared for A/Z! Enjoy the challenge!


  4. Water damage is a nuisance.

    Have fun with A-Z!

  5. I just finished Z...so I'm officially completely finished with writing them. Now I'll have to check them every day before they post.

    So sorry to hear about your water damage. I know all about that...our house flooded in 2010 and we had to tear out all the drywall and the floors and lost most of our belongings. Sucked!

  6. Yikes, I hope the water damage ends up being an easy and cheap fix. (I can dream for you ;))


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