Saturday, December 6, 2014


I’m really not a fan of shopping. I especially hate it when I’m looking at stuff and every three seconds a clerk is asking me if I need any help finding things, no I’m just browsing you can go away now.

Here is my experience in shopping for televisions, in a mix of comic and script form.
Salesman: I see you’re looking at televisions.

Me: Uh, wow, don’t know where you came from. Yes, I’ve been looking at Smart TVs.

Salesman: Then come with me!

And he took me away from the televisions, which was the first warning sign that he was not going to help me pick out a new TV. Shortly followed by the second.
Salesman: You have cable or dish?

Me: Uh, cable. What does that have to do with—

Salesman: How much do you pay a month?

Me: About a hundred and twenty—

Salesman: If you sign up for dish today, I can get you in for ninety six dollars.

Me: But I don’t want—

Salesman: That’s twenty four dollars less.

Me: I can do math, but—

Salesman: With HD. You can’t get a clearer picture without dish.

Me: I really don’t care about—

Salesman:  Dish is awesome. You can’t live without dish. Dish will grant all your wishes and let you live forever. Cable sucks. It doesn’t give you HD with a clear enough picture.

Me: My phone and internet is bundled with the cable and if I give it up the price—

Salesman: Dish is the answer to all of life’s problems. Need money, and dish will give it to you, along with being able to see the individual pores of every actor on television. Everyone wants to see that.

Me: From that pamphlet you gave me, I get way less channels unless I’m willing to pay more—

Salesman: But they’re all in HD. You know, every store uses dish because dish is so great. They wouldn’t use dish if it wasn’t great.

Me: Yeah, and they only play one channel. That’s a shining recommendation.

I couldn’t have been more clear about my disinterest if I hired a marching band to play “I don’t want Dish” while spelling out “Seriously, no dish”.

Salesman: So would you sign here and we can set up your installation?

Me: I don’t. Want. Dish. I’m leaving now.

Salesman: But if you go, there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to get you the same deal!

Me: You mean the deal for the dish I don’t want with less channels and an increase in my internet bill?

Salesman: Yes.

Me: That’s a shame.


  1. They just don't get it, do they? You have way more patience than I do.

  2. I dislike shopping too, and I hardly ever do it. Unfortunately, for Christmas I need to go to the mall to buy some crap.

    The only shopping I enjoy is browsing bookstores >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  3. But you don't understand. If he only does that to 8 or 9 more people, he'll get a sale.

  4. I probably would have decked him by the time he said ninety six dollars.

  5. Does hard sell ever work? I wonder about this, because so many seem to employ it, but it only annoys the rest of us.

  6. That's still better than the NHK* thugs here in Japan.

    NHK: *knocks on door*
    Me: Yes?
    NHK: I see you have a satellite dish, but our records show you're not paying for NHK.
    Me: Uh, that's because we don't watch NHK.
    NHK: Yes, but you must pay for it.
    Me: All I do with my TV is play video games. Why do I have to pay for a service I don't use?
    NHK: Because you must.
    Me: Why?
    NHK: Because you must. Here is your bill. Remember, we know where you live.
    Me: ...

    * NHK is the national broadcasting service in Japan. It's completely government owned and very much censured. They make you pay it because they "can't prove I'm not watching" their crappy propaganda channels. ¬¬

  7. Salespeople can be real pushy. I don't like them in person or on the phone. They always want to sell me something I don't need. I once spent five minutes on the phone telling someone no repeatedly until I got exactly what I wanted.

  8. I hate a pushy salesperson. Nothing turns me off more. I wonder if stores know that they actually lose customers if their staff are too pushy?

  9. I can't stand salespeople. My husband has gently pointed out that I don't really need to snarl like a rabid do at the people who ask, "Can I help you?"

    But I kind of think that's the best way to get rid of them.


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