Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Goals

This time of month again. And shockingly enough, I got something done!

November Goals
1. Do the frigging REMEMBER notes, dang it. The italics mean I’m serious.
Apparently, the italics do mean I’m serious because I totally got them done, with plenty of time to spare. Sure took long enough!

2. If I finish the notes, then I can get back to work on my other WIP. I should also make notes of the other idea that’s rolling around in my head before I forget it.
I did go back to the other WIP, but now I’m having doubts about its viability. Maybe I took too long a break. Either way, I’m putting it aside.

3. Maybe try to get another apocalypse post up. Remember those?
Eh, kind of. It wasn’t a true apocalypse post (my idea well for those has seemed to have gone dry) but I tried.

December Goals
1. Do my color partition for REMEMBER and solve any issues in regards to pacing. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before as part of my editing routine. Maybe I’ll go into more detail later.

2. Do my sensory color partition for REMEMBER and solve any issues. Again, I should explain this sometime.

3. Christmas, yay!

Anyone else shocked it’s December already? And how are you recovering from NaNo?


  1. Best of luck on the December goals :) you will do it!!

  2. Get serious!
    Color partition?
    Get it done!
    And yes, rather surprised it's December already...

  3. Good luck. I know several people who want to do a lot in December to end the year well--myself included. 2015 is coming at us fast.

  4. No partitions for you!

    And mark Christmas off; it got cancelled.

  5. Yes, before you know it the corpse of Dick Clark will be hauled out for the New Years Eve special!

  6. Good luck meeting all your December goals. And yes, you should explain your color things. Any editing tips are always welcome. I'm going to have a crapton of edits to do come January….

  7. Everyone's been saying, "Wow, December already," and I keep thinking, "Yeah, December follows November." I guess my head has been elsewhere, as it doesn't seem like it's been that fast.

  8. LOL, yes, please explain! That's a great post for when you're out of ideas.

  9. December goals? Yikes.
    Tear myself away from my writing long enough to do the Christmas shopping. That's my goal!

  10. Shocked that it is December, yes! I like how you made Christmas a goal.


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