Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More from the Spamfiles

I’m sure you’re all looking forward to my post about editing using colors. Well, I was super busy last week and had very little editing time, so you’re getting stuck with a Spamfiles post. And you all better love it.

Okay, this one…for those who can’t see, the message preview shows that it says “Saturday morning charlie hung up her head”. How…how does one do that?

And this one is for burial insurance. As if! When I die, it’s going to be as inconvenient for my loved ones as possible. They know why.

I keep getting these long comments that have tons of links and random gibberish in another language that when translated, somehow makes even less sense. It says stuff like “read tracksuit ten Czechs” and it’s just like…so if you read a tracksuit is worth ten Czechs? How does one read a tracksuit anyway? There’s also things like “2 elves revolt maps”, “vampires snoopshop”, and “hysteria to sponsor Warsaw mermaid”. Why does a Polish mermaid need a sponsor and why hysteria!?

This might be my favorite. The Omega Scarf, the beginning and end of all scarfs, the culmination of eons of scarf evolution to make the One who shall rule over all.

Look at this. Just look at it. I’m always getting emails from Nigeria (or that’s where they say they’re from) about either A) some poor woman who needs to get money that her father left her that her stepmother/brothers are keeping from her; or B) a person who died abroad and so his money has to go to a random foreigner. But this…this one is from an FBI agent so annoyed with all the “stories” about Nigerian scams that he wants to reassure me that it’s legit. Now, the FBI has nothing to do with foreign governments or banks, so this agent is just…doing it in his spare time?

Oh, spammers. You so crazy.


  1. Someone approached me telling me they were very excited about getting money from a complete stranger and I told them not to reply or open any links. So, some people really do fall for this.

  2. I sometimes get messages like that last one. Sad people do fall for those.

  3. I get stuff like the last one, though I will admit it's the first one I've seen from the FBI. At least the scammer is getting a little more creative.

  4. I wonder if that last spammer realizes it's a very bad idea to impersonate an FBI agent.

    And by Baskerville plowing, does that mean the last of the long line of Baskervilles, cursed for centuries by a supernatural dog, is now a farmer?

  5. I've never gotten the Nigeria email. Sigh.

  6. I am not surprised about any of the spam, but I am shocked that Medeia knows someone who fell for it. Ack!

    I was also waiting in line at the post office yesterday -- and trying to avoid eye contact with the stranger ahead of me, who really wanted to tell me about her medical woes -- and I saw a whole rack of brochures warning people that if they have to pay money to get a prize they've been offered, it's probably a scam. Probably???

    Guess the post office gets a lot of people coming in to mail checks to Nigeria ...

  7. Wait, you didn't claim your millions of dollars? That lovely Gordon Snow(Job) wants to help you.
    Maybe he can tell us how to get that irritating word verification off our blogs.

  8. Too funny about the burial insurance. :P

    The last one makes me shake my head. People must actually fall for those or they wouldn't keep sending them.

  9. Ok, I am actually laughing out loud. The Scarf to end all Scarves!! But my favorite might still be hanging up her head. I dunno, it seems like a perfectly reasonable Saturday morning activity to me... ;)


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