Saturday, August 9, 2014

Random Thoughts

---Things that happen to me. I see an interesting fact. I go, “This would make a great random thought!” I think it’s too much trouble to write it down, so I’ll just “remember” it. I immediately forget it.
---For some reason, I can no longer directly copy urls out of my Google Chrome address bar. It’s been this way ever since the lamentable crash, though I had no trouble with it before that and have no trouble copying out of Firefox. I’ve been on a million websites looking for solutions, and so far, zilch. Apparently this is an issue several people have had over the years, and the only solution I found is NOTHING. It makes doing my etymology posts, which require much copying and pasting, most irritating.
---If you ever hear of some solution to this, please share, because this is driving me crazy. Well, crazier.
---“Bear falls through skylight, eats birthday cupcakes”. That’s what you get for not throwing him a birthday party.
---Plus, there’s also that bear that climbed into someone’s hammock. You sure as hell won’t want to kick him out.
---If you want to give your neighbors’ children a doll as a gift, maybe leaving it on their doorstep with no note like some sort of doppelganger isn’t the best way to go. Just saying, it’s a little creepy.
---Ever see a television commercial and think that somewhere out there, there’s a woman who admitted to needing adult diapers on national television?
---The things that I ponder.
---I’m glad I’m not an actor. If I was, I’d definitely be doing adult diaper commercials.
---Apparently people who can’t understand sarcasm are more likely to suffer dementia. What about people who exclusively use sarcasm? Do we develop some kind of super resistance to it?
---“Humans can fly! Wingsuits on YouTube.” Annnnnnd ignore.
---“Over 90% Of Human DNA May Be Completely Worthless. Do with this what you will, fellow sci-fi writers.
---Man, are these the only random thoughts I could come up with? I really need to start noting down more of the things I stumble across. This is getting embarrassing.


  1. You know, I don't believe that bear thing. It was too perfect. And, really, what was a bear doing on the roof, anyway?

    Have you done virus maintenance since the crash?

  2. In which case, there are many people who support a certain crack smoking mayor on my side of the border who are going to come down with dementia someday.

    I don't do a lot of copying and pasting with chrome, but when I do, there's no problem.

  3. Interesting problem with Chrome. I'm having no issues, but I am having computer issues with other things (I can no longer set my computer to hibernate).

    I saw this and thought of you:

  4. I wish I could help you out with your Chrome problem, but I've got nothing...I do however have other issues with chrome, wrt the language thing. Everything in Chrome is set to French and though I've tried changing the settings a hundred times but still flips to French. It's a pain because as I type this comment, almost every word is underlined in red. Easy to catch typos, I say. As for sarcasm, I'm fluent. ;)

  5. Having that problem with Chrome would absolutely drive me insane! Have you tried uninstalling Chrome and then reinstalling it?

    As for Elise Fallson, Google knows where you are. You are in France. Google therefore insists you use French. Google knows all. Bow down to Google!!!

  6. Maybe delete Chrome and reinstall it?

    I think the dolls news item was creepy. A note really should have been left behind.

    I'll check out some of these links.


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