Saturday, August 16, 2014

More from the Spamfiles

Remember how my computer crashed and I lost, like, sixty spam pics I was going to put up on the Spamfiles? Yeah, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. My current count is about seventy five, which if you’re bad at math is more than what I had. So the spam gods have been good to me. Time to share the wealth, right?

In particular what I want to show you is the latest “trend” in spam I’ve been receiving. Check it out…

The sender’s name is fairly odd, and the subject line is a big old red flag: the enlargement of an organ I don’t possess. The preview of the message contents is the real gem, though. It’s like someone put a sentence through a translator two or three times to drain it of all coherence. Clicking on the message does not yield more spammy nonsense but a broken image (thanks to Google’s spam blockers, of course). Too bad because I’d like to know where some of these sentences are going.

And I just




Oh, look! One for watches!

I’ll be up all night wondering what Jenna and the table found so funny.


  1. The sentences make no sense at all.
    What ironic is I do have that organ but I never get those emails. Should I feel good about that?

  2. The new, new trend, evidently, is Ebola cures.

  3. Yes, those sentences make no sense whatsoever.

    For a long while I was getting a deluge of ambien spam.

  4. I am still baffled about who actually responds to these emails.

  5. I'm with Dianne. Apparently someone does respond, or else why would they keep sending them out, but... *scratches head*

  6. I keep getting these spam messages too. Plus ones about how to make my life happiness.....


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