Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Reader, part the last

It’s probably time to wrap this up. Six weeks is getting to be a bit much. So here’s the rundown on all the sites, winners in their own ways. Mostly by sucking.

The Good
Winner, easiest transition category: Feedly

Winner, best social media connector: Netvibes/Bloglines

Winner, if you’re willing to download: FeedDemon

The Bad
Winner, most impossible to figure out the workings of: Pulse

Winner, as long as you only follow famous blogs: Good Noows

Winner, OMG you expect me to resubscribe to all my blogs? Ever heard of imports?: News Alloy

Winner, but only for Apple: Reeder

Winner, if you’re really desperate and want to download one but seriously you can find something better (tie): RSSOwl and RSS Reader

The Ugly
Winner, d!ck move by making it a subscribed service when Reader announced it was dying, NewsBlur

Winner, we have to nuke it from orbit to be sure, FeedReader

Winner, most awesome site that disappeared without a trace, Feedlooks

Winner, totally broken, (tie) FeedShow and Rssminer

So those are your choices. I mean, if you’re not one of those people who doesn’t use Reader and doesn’t have to worry about how s/he’s going to visit blogs. Personally, I’m sticking with Feedly. Although Netvibes was did give it a run for its money, I prefer not to keep all my social media sites on one page (I’m just like that) and I find it a bit easier to use and organize. For you guys, I’d recommend you go with whichever one of “The Good” fits your style best.

Unless Google comes to its senses and decides to keep Reader going. Please? Anything? No? Damn it.


  1. How does the whole social media connector thing work? I guess I could just click on the link and try to figure it out. Later.

  2. Feedly is pretty great. I don't like that it's always running in the background and hogging my CPU, but hey, there are drawbacks to any service, eh?

  3. Asking google to come to its senses is a tall order.


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