Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Goals

Wow, May already. Things are really getting beautiful out. It’s nice and sunny, but I’m not dying of the heat. I can leave the windows open without being deafened by crickets. It’s really and truly spring now! Except in Minnesota and Colorado. You’d think they were in the southern hemisphere or something.

April Goals

Goal 1: Get COLLAPSE out to some beta readers!!! I get so nervous about sharing my work, so this is going to be a hard one. There are still some word issues, and maybe some with pacing and the like, but I feel like I procrastinate too long on things like this. Anyway, getting feedback will help me figure out what needs to be done.
            Done, if by “some” I meant “one”. However she’s a good beta reader who already gave me some things to fix, so I’d call this a win.

Goal 2: Start following more blogs on Tumblr. I think I’ll keep this as a weekend project so it won’t interfere with my writing.
            Mostly a fail. I followed a couple of new ones, but I find Tumblr a little hard to navigate. Although I’m reminded how many months (namely, a lot) it took me to really get into Twitter. It also didn’t help that I had some other stuff to deal with that kind of interfered with my ability to get stuff done.

Goal 3: Work on notes (and maybe some sort of, shudder, outline) for my new project, which is actually a rewrite of an old project. This should satisfy my urge to do something new. I’ve got some good ideas brewing. It will be nice to sink my teeth into writing again.
            Mostly done. I have a couple of end chapters left, and I definitely want to have the ending in mind before I start to work on this. And I do, pretty much, but I like to be exact about things.

So, not bad. I really could have done better, though, especially with that Tumblr thing. Social media is hard for me sometimes. Anyway…

May Goals

1. Get COLLAPSE out to more beta readers. I do want to fix some things from my reader first, but that shouldn’t take more than two weeks.

2. Actually follow some more blogs on Tumblr this time. This shouldn’t be that hard! Your weekends are wide open, self!

3. Start on rewrite. Maybe. I’m not sure if I’ll have time, but it would stop me from worrying about beta reads. It’s hard sending my baby out on its own!


  1. I think forget the beta readers and find some pi readers. That sounds like a lot more fun!

  2. Looks like you're making progress. And that's a good thing. Good luck with May.

  3. Nice goals. I am still not really back into my usual swing of things. Still burned out after April. ha, that excuse will surely wear out before May is over!

  4. I've never tried tumblr, though I've seen it referred to on countless occasions.


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