Saturday, May 11, 2013

Random Thoughts

---Its been such a long time. I’ve missed these.
---You know what? Sometimes I just want to look up song lyrics. STOP TRYING TO SELL ME RINGTONES.
---“Scientists create tractor beam”. YES! One step closer to Star Trek!
---I accidentally knocked into my old clarinet case and a bunch of Pixy Sticks spilled out. My first thought was “How long have those been in there?” (More than five years, definitely). My second thought was “Do Pixy Sticks go bad?”
---For the record, no, I did not eat them. I had plenty of peanut butter M&Ms so there was no need to.
---Actual headline: “Middle School Wrestlers On Top!” Must…not…make…obvious…joke. Brain…OVERLOADING…
---Space smells like burning metal.
---Although the center of the galaxy is raspberry flavored rum.
---“Sony to make last MiniDisc stereo system in March”. Somehow they’ve been out for twenty one years and I’ve never heard of them. Props for the dedication to stupid ideas, Sony.
---Not the PS2 though. Anyone who badmouths it will be unfriended for life. Also I’ll punch you.
---A guy found the largest prime number yet. He received a $3000 grant for doing so. Math!
---“Curiosity killed the cat” doesn’t mean curiosity is danger. The original meaning of the phrase was that worrying killed the cat. Not sure why it always had to be cats, but there you go.
---The state of Mississippi just ratified the thirteenth amendment (outlawing slavery) in February. Way to stay on the ball, guys.
---The fax machine was invented in 1843.
---A Russian bus driver rams cars that rudely cut him off in traffic. With the approval of his employer.
---Now that they have 3D printers, there’s only one more horizon to breach: 4D printers. They print out time itself.
---Well, what did you think they were going to do now that they found the Higgs boson?
---Futurama is ending. Not canceled (again) but actually, factually ending. Prepare to ingest cyanide capsules now.


  1. My cat is that cat. The one that actual curiosity will kill. He has to investigate -everything-.

  2. All of these things are awesome.

  3. Yes, it has to be a cat. Just ask Schrodinger.

  4. 3D printers are actually industrial replicators. THAT is the step closer to Star Trek.

  5. Mississippi, home of advanced harmonious racial relations since... oh, wait, right. Since never.

    Peanut butter M&Ms are one of life's great pleasures.


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