Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Case of Paper v Ereader

A comment by Liz got me thinking: which is better, reading a paper book or using an ereader? Yes, you can say “Oh, but both have advantages and drawbacks, it all depends on your taste” etc. etc. But that’s a cop out for those not willing to relentlessly analyze everything to the point that it’s no fun for anyone anymore.

---Usually, books are cheaper.
---More environmentally friendly.
---Does not need external light source.
---Can store thousands of books in one easy to move tablet.
---More durable for small things, like spills.

---The books that aren’t cheaper are usually the most popular ones, and they’re ridiculously overpriced. JK Rowling.
---Can run out of power.
---Format incompatibilities.
---People will steal tablets.
---No autographed copies.
---The light of electronic screens tends to make it difficult to sleep afterwards.
---Can lose thousands of books if something happens to tablet.

Paper books
---Generally induces fewer headaches.
---No power requirements.
---People rarely steal books.
---Less worries about breaking it.

---Usually more expensive.
---Not all books are out in paper.
---Harder to transport a thousand paper books than one ereader.
---Can rip pages or spill.

Do you have any pros or cons to add to either side? Also stay tuned for next week, when I try to coax people into rating said pros and cons because that’s just what I’m like.


  1. I miss my paper books, but I read SO much more now that I have a Kindle. With three kids--including a baby that naps twice a day--I rarely get out to the bookstore. It's wonderful to download and read books upon books with only the click of a button from my home! Christy

  2. While I love the smell of paper books, I prefer my ereader because:
    -I don't have to hold the book to the right page
    -the ereader is lighter
    -if I get bored with one book, I can easily switch to another (which I can't do if I only brought one paper book with me)
    -no bookmark worries

    And those are just the things that occur to me at this moment.

    But my ereader isn't backlit. I need an external light source. (Which is fine. I have a light for reading anyway.)

  3. I still love reading paper versions, but at some point, I'll have to cave in and go for an ereader.


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